The Fashion Sewing Group  It's about the clothes.

It's About the Clothes    

I never thought I'd design patterns or sell fabric since there were so many well-established companies that had been around for decades, but as the sewing customer has changed, so has the industry and The Fashion Sewing Group was born in 1992 with the newsletter subscription starting in 1993. An outgrowth of Erickson Consulting Group which also offered fashion trips through Italy and customer service training for retailers, The Fashion Sewing Group was established for those women who not only sewed their own clothing but also sought inspiration from high end clothing.

It's really about the clothes and draws inspiration from the fashion world, rather than from sewing companies. What's the point of sewing beautifully if the result is dowdy, dated, or disastrous on the wearer? If a woman who sews can literally have nearly anything she sees in ready-to-wear, shouldn't she then select only those garments that are the best for her?

The patterns, newsletter, fabrics and fashion sewing books are the keys to having a closet filled with only the best. Beautiful fabric that is suited to a pattern, a pattern that flatters the wearer, and a style that is fashion right and modern is our goal. I'll bet it's yours too.

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