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2014 kicks off the newsletter's Twentieth Anniversary Year. It is the longest running publication devoted exclusively to fashion sewing without any advertising. The first newsletter was printed in 1993 for Chicago area fashion sewing enthusiasts, went national in 1995, international in 1997 and has been going strong ever since with subscribers in more than a dozen countries. So frequently when I was offering a new design element in the newsletter I wished that everyone had the same pattern so I could include a template for the redesign, that I created 6 patterns in 1998 and then added two more soon after. More than a hundred redesigns have been offered for the patterns in the each pattern once and there's no need to re-fit...just enjoy the new redesigns. Before too long, subscribers are confidently doing their own designing based on those origianal patterns used just like designers use their blocks.

Over the years, the newsletter has evolved to include more fashion news and information. It's the interpretation of the runway to the newsletter to the sewing machine that has kept readers current, modern, and enthusiastic. Some women who are no longer sewing much continue to subscribe for that fashion interpretation and the simple styling ideas that work into their existing wardrobes and teach them what to look for in ready-to-wear as well. When sewing time is scarce, the newsletter easily helps bring fashion into focus and reality.

The fabrics that are offered in the newsletter are always color coordinated and chosen because they are easy to sew. If it's difficult on the sewing machine to get just right, it's passed over for something easily manageable and just as fashion right. Suggestions are made for style and construction methods that are invaluable when your decision making time is limited or needs a little expert help. Fabrics have included everything from wool double crepes to synthetic blend knits with everything in between. Lots of natural fiber fabrics are combined with those blends that are best performers. Most fabrics have been both sewn and washed where appropriate to save customers time and ensure good results.

The Fashion Sewing Group newsletter brings subscribers:

•nearly 100 pages of new information not previously published each year in four issues of fashion sewing information without any outside advertising: resort, spring/summer, pre-fall, fall/winter/holiday
•Fabric swatches that can be ordered to accomplish the season's best fashion and are offered for a variety of climate regions
•Full-size templates of design details for the Fashion Sewing Group pattern collection that can be used with other similar patterns
•Historical fashion information and background to inform and expand subscribers fashion knowledge
•Fashion trend information with corresponding construction technique
•Current sewing ingredients to purchase (which has included such things as mink trim, dressmaker oversized hooks and closures, French trims, reasonably priced high fashion buttons, faux and natural lambskin)
•Plus lots of enthusiasm, inspiration, motivation, and fun reading--all about fashion sewing without heavy-handed construction, but always with the most current techniques for top quality results. The newsletter has no outside advertising

How to Subscribe:
Print out the order form pdf and send it to us or just send a note to the address on the order form using the order form so you include the pertinent information that's at the bottom of the form. Published and mailed first class, the newsletter is just $30.00 a year (renewals are just $28.00) and is sent January 15, April 15, July 1, and September 1, on the Friday closest to that date. Canadian subscriptions are US$32.00 and Australia/Europe/Asia and Scandinavian subscriptions are US$34.00. Renewals are $2.00 less if paid the month before the subscription period ends. Renewal notices are enclosed with all last issues of the subscription year.

September/October 2007

No matter how bad of a day I have had at work, it is ALWAYS a good day when I happen to get home and see your newsletter in my mail. You always keep my interest in sewing and fashion and remind me why I love it so much! You can't get that from any other sewing magazine....
-Paula A., Menomonie, WI

I have been a long time subscriber and just love all the things you have done with the newsletter over the years. You have been such an encouragement to me to keep sewing. The thing I like the best is the wonderful quality fabrics you always offer and the great service.
- Catherine B., Georgetown, TX

I love your newsletters and I look forward to opening each and every envelope with your newsletter in it. I love the drawings, and advice and photos of your garments. Sometimes I even daydream while studying a pattern envelope and I ask myself, 'what fabric would Nancy recommend in order to make this garment?' And what interfacing would be the best if I made this garment using wool or using cotton or using poly or using linen? Nancy, you go beyond the basics and I really appreciate it.
-Maggie C., San Diego, CA

I cannot even imagine the effort that goes into producing the newsletters, not to mention the fabric buying, cutting, etc. Your fabric is great and the prices incredible, but it's the newsletter I would miss most. It's such a thrill to get the mail and see that envelope when the newsletter arrives. It is always inspirational and gets my sewing juju going. It's been an amazing 20 yeas and I look forward to this 20th anniversary year. And what a great start with that lambskin--wow!
Karine S., Birmingham, MI

Bravo on the January 2007 newsletter!! You got right to the point by telling us to get our sewing acts together. I commend you because I am one of those people who will put off sewing for whatever reason I can just because I am afraid of the way the garment will turn out. Mind you, I am not afraid to make things for other people, but when it comes to myself, the fear factor just sets in....Thanks for giving us a little kick in the butt. We need it to get inspired and motivated once more so that our "fear factor" will go away.
- Debbie W., Chicago, IL

So many good things in the sewing area have totally disappeared--my favorite, wonderful designer fabric store, the shift in sewing expos to mostly quilting, and even the _____pattern magzine looks more like a craft or art-to-wear publication than a pattern magazine. So like it or not, you are it! I, and I am sure that many others of us in this area and other areas of the country, really need you. We need your inspiration, and more and more, we need your fabrics, but especially your inspiration, design ideas and information.
-Judith P.,

I would never consider not renewing your newsletter. Your old newsletters are all in notebooks that I will not part with and re-read some from time to time. When I sew for the wool contest yearly {Gretchen is a past Make it with Wool Adult winner} I almost always choose your jacket and the many variations that have been produced, your coat or your pants. I think your ideas are classic but with a twist.
- Gretchen W., Columbus, OH

I just received my newsletter and as per usual, devoured it in one sitting knowing that I will return to it many times to reread. For the last couple of weeks, I have even been thinking of it and even anticipating its arrival in my mailbox. As I wrote to you once before, your carefully considered capsule of fashion trend interpretation is unique and of great interest to me. To me this is a unique service that no one else in the market provides to the home seamstress. The few available sewing magazines do not get into the nitty gritty of how to look stylish and chic in the way that you do nor do they pull so many images from RTW for our inspiration. And of course, they do not address pattern modification or adaptation in the way you do.
Dagmar O., Canada

I have learned more about fashion and about sewing from you than from anyone else. You also have absolutely wonderful fabrics. Thanks for what you do and have been doing. You're the best!
-Becky L., Jackson, MS

...part of me says that at almost 70, I should be able to know what to sew, what to wear and how to pull it part because dressing at 69 is different than 29. I need someone like you to tell me what/how to achieve.
Carol G., Geneseo, NY

We all know, or should, that you put countless hours into making the newsletter what it is which is WHY it is what it is--thank you. I LOVE the fabric swatches, and knowing that they have been tested and apporved by someone who cares as much about fabric as I do...I must say that my absolute favorite thing to get in the mail is that white envelope! I would like you to stick around forever in whatever capacity you can.
-Vicki L., Holly, MI



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