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All of the remaining patterns are HALF PRICE, but the 1960 knit pattern has completely sold out.

When the newsletter was first created, I was offering construction and design suggestions for redesigning any pattern subscribers may have that was suitable for the style. The information had to be very generic and required some work by the seamstress to create a suitable pattern. Frequently when I was offering a new design element, I wished that everyone had the same pattern so I could include a template for the redesign. That's when I created the first 6 patterns in 1998 and added two more soon after. The newsletter is well known for adding such tremendous value to the patterns, that no additional patterns have been offered since then. More than a hundred redesigns have been offered for the patterns and continue in nearly every issue.

I had been teaching fit and sewing construction for more than 25 years before I designed the patterns so I knew an awful lot about flattering fit and design. Around this time I also began to buy really good ready-to-wear, particularly from Chanel. I've learned at least as much from those clothes as any class or construction technique I had before that. Putting all of that experience into the pattern collection was invaluable for creating patterns that have been around for nearly ten years now. They are used over and over since the most difficult gamble when sewing is "How will it fit?" The multi-sized patterns are designed to be easy to fit as they are constructed with multiple seams that are provided for simple alteration and redesign. Many sewing teachers across the country use the patterns for their classes since they are easy to work with in fitting students and simple to construct.

    The key to the entire collection is that once a pattern is constructed and fit, the redesigns supplied in the newsletter and the Jackets Workbook provide dozens and dozens of ways to recreate the patterns to keep up with current styles and silhouettes. By redesigning an existing garment, the fitting issues are eliminated and just the pure fun of fashion design remains. Now the attention is on the style and fabric and not on the tedium of fitting. It eliminates the gamble of sewing...    

no more, "How will it fit and work out?" but now, "I can't wait to wear this!" The additional benefit is increased sewing confidence. The subscribers constantly evolve their sewing skills and enthusiasm with each new garment project. The fact that they are so hooked on the newsletter with more than 90% subscribing for five years or more, is true declaration of patterns that are of great value in their wardrobes. They love to keep creating something new from something they know works. As one subscriber put it, "When someone asks me what I would save if my house were on fire, your patterns would be high on my list."

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Fashion Pattern illustrations were created by world-famous fashion illustrator and friend, Steven Stipelman.


A portion of each pattern purchase benefits women through the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation, the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence, and the Family Violence Prevention Fund.

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