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Please place all orders and inquiries via email or mail.

For prompt response, email us at
With any order, be sure to include the item code and yardage - writing out the amount or using decimals rather than fractions. For example, one and a half yards or 1.5 yards (fractions have been dropped in emails from some servers).

Mail Order Distribution Center
Mail orders are efficiently processed by use of the order form provided on each page. Simply click and print it out for completion and mail to:

   The Erickson Group
   1155 N. Dearborn Pkwy. #902
   Chicago, IL 60610

Forms of Payment
Check and credit card (Mastercard and Visa) payments are accepted...if you send credit card information, include number and expiration date with the three digit code on the signature line. If you're in a hurry, email me your address and phone number with a specific time of day and date to call you. Newsletter subscribers may order as usual.

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