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With over thirty-five years in the sewing/fabric industry, Nancy Erickson divides her energy between her newsletter, mail order fabric and pattern business, and annual sewing weeks and weekends in Chicago, motivating women to sew more often and better.

She is the founder of The Fashion Sewing Group™ and The Fashion Sewing Sewing Group Pattern Collection™ which contributes funding to the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation and two domestic violence groups: The National Coalition Against Domestic Violence and The Family Violence Prevention Fund.

She has written for Threads and Sew News, been quoted in More and InStyle magazines, a dozen newspapers around the country, and conducts fashion sewing vacations in Chicago and tours in Europe for women who want to learn more about fashion at its source. Before starting Erickson Consulting Group, she hosted a weekly ABC-TV segment, was a columnist, and was vice president of marketing and Fashion Director for a large fabric retailer. The Chicago Tribune once called her a "sewing evangelist, able to motivate anyone to sew," while an editor at Threads described her this way: "Imagine you've got a sewing friend who's smart, funny, practical, well-traveled, opinionated (but has good taste and a great eye for fashion), sews skillfully and efficiently, and loves to share anything she knows."

Her education includes a clothing and textiles degree, couture study in Paris, and even mechanical/technical training on sewing machines and sergers. She has been active in the fabric industry since 1975 both as a retailer and customer service consultant. She has traveled extensively across the country giving seminars on clothing construction, design principles for creating flattering clothing, and fashion trends.

Her sense of humor, style, sewing experience, and appreciation for the artistry of fashion have made her a friend to fashion celebrities and earned her a loyal following among women who love to sew.

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