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We've made garment categories for you since I've handled, draped, and many times sewn these fabrics myself or know of subscribers who have, so that the categories will help guide you to good sewing and wearing results. Don't worry that you'll miss a fabric by doing it this way--the fabrics are all cross-referenced so you'll find some of them in multiple categories.

Accents is a special category...it's the best selling basics I have. They have been ordered and reordered by customers and enthusiastically endorsed on a variety of message boards. On the synthetics, even women who would call themselves natural fiber snobs have selected these fabrics with grand approval. Everyone seems to particularly love the Modern Gab and the Travel Basic/Modern Crepe for pants.

Of course you may want a swatch, so email me with the swatch code, brief description or name of the fabric, your name and address, and I'll pop it into the mail for you. You can also always just email me with a special request and I'll swatch for you personally. Since there is so much fabric, please be as specific as possible, such as "I'd like to make a red jacket and I live in a hot weather climate." or "I need a dressy suit to wear to a wedding in August and I like greens and blues best." You needn't be a subscriber to purchase anything from me, but I won't put fabrics I offer in the newsletter on this site until the next newsletter is issued. Swatches are generally sent at no charge provided you promise to email me when you get them with either, "Thank you for sending them I'd like ______________" or if you don't want anything and don't know what to say, just send this."Thank you for sending the swatches but they aren't exactly what I had in mind." This ensures that we can put the fabrics back into the inventory for other customers since we do set them aside for you until you receive them.

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