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The Fashion Sewing Group was a terrific fabric resource for thousands of women for more than twenty years.  We had made garment categories since I had handled, draped, and many times sewn these fabrics myself or know of subscribers who have, so that the categories will help guide you to good sewing and wearing results. The fabrics are all cross-referenced so you'll find some of them in multiple categories. Now that I've retired from this portion of my business and sold off all of the fabrics, you may still find these pages useful to determine types of fabrics for particular garments.

Accents was a special category...it's the best selling basics I had. They have been ordered and reordered by customers and enthusiastically endorsed on a variety of message boards. On the synthetics, even women who would call themselves natural fiber snobs have selected these fabrics with grand approval. Everyone seems to particularly love the Modern Gab and the Travel Basic/Modern Crepe for pants.

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