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I introduced Marfy patterns to my newsletter subscribers first in 2001 after a Fashion Sewing Group visit to Italy where we met with the owners of the company in Milan. It was a wonderful introduction and that's why I seemed to receive more email inquiries about the pattern company than any other US resource. Most fashion sewing enthusiasts had never heard of Marfy until I introduced them in my newsletter to subscribers, at sewing expos and the website for more than 16 years.

Marfy has intiated some price increases for patterns from older catalogues 2008-2013, adding 2-5 euros per pattern. They have been updated on their website, but if you're working from one of those catalogues just know that an additional fee may be added to the euro price in the catalogue.

If you are an advanced seamstress looking for a challenge, I highly recommend Marfy.  There are no seam or hem allowances and no guidesheets, but you can always refer to pattern guidesheets and sewing books for help as you work your way through the pattern assembly.  Customers who love Marfys really love their fit and style, so they're well worth a look.  Check out their website at



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