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2016 marks the start of our twenty-third year and the longest continuously running, subscription, fashion sewing newsletter in the industry, but it also begins the next chapter for us. I'm retiring from the newsletter and fabric portion of my business--several of our fine fabric suppliers have also retired leaving us with few options to provide the beautiful fabrics you've been accustomed to over the years. I am selling off my inventory to subscribers who were enrolled for all of 2015. They get first pick of the fabrics offered in fabric catalogues that are emailed to them with at least one or two more in 2016. Any one else can email me and I'll email a fabric catalogue to them that has already been seen by subscribers and then updated with what remains of certain groups of fabrics...subscribers of record first, then any one else.

For those who continue to love beautifully constructed clothes that include great design, fabric and fit, then you've come to the right place to learn to do it yourself. My books, booklets, patterns and back issues of newsletters are still available and will provide anyone coming back to sewing a rare haven. I'm also going to continue with Marfy for awhile too. As far as the newsletters go, 2015 had 5 issues that had a minimum of 24 pages and as many as 30 each. Since I've always been more fashion forward they still contain excellent information for all of 2016. If you're interested in receiving them, you can still purchase them as well as any back issues that are listed in the Clothes tab in the publications file...there is an index of issues since January 2008. Have a good browse through the site and join us for this new chapterr.

   The Clothes: Find information on the patterns, newsletter and other publications
    The Fabric: Search garment categories for fabrics that will lead you to tried and true results
   The Ingredients : Gather buttons, notions and information on Marfy, the Italian pattern company

Our mission has always been the creation of great clothes that are not only fashionable and of the moment, but also right for each individual. It's not by accident that we've achieved this record, but rather through hard work and the kind of customer service that we would want ourselves. More than 90% of the subscribers had subscribed for longer than 5 years and more than half had subscribed for more than 10 years. By the time I retired at the end of 2015 I had produced more than 125 issues and nearly 2,500 pages devoted entirely to fashion sewing without any outside advertising. Whether you're a woman who hasn't forgotten elegant dress, someone who sews when they need something special, or just getting back to an old skill, I've been able to motivate and inspire those particularly interested in wearing flattering and fashionable clothing. It's no wonder the Chicago Tribune once called me, "a sewing evangelist" able to motivate anyone to want to sew. Nancy Erickson

As Seen in Vogue Pattern Magazine,
August 2009

"Although I consider my hometown of Chicago world-class, fabric shopping has gone from world-class to abysmal. The best place for a Chicago sewer to buy fine fabric is New York. But if you can't get to New York, Chicago's own Nancy Erickson/Fashion Sewing group ( brings New York fabrics to Chicagoans through her Fashion Group swatches. The fabrics are consistently beautiful, of high quality, and fairly priced. Orders reach your mailbox quickly, and the newsletter fires the imagination."
Mary Jo Rice, Chicago


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New Coats Booklet--54 pages and just $14.00

Email us for a pdf fabric catalogue that's more current than the fabrics here on the site

Accents file under The Fabrics tab offers the best selling fabrics as voted upon by multiple reorders from customers.

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